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“Connecting humanity with the Person, Presence, passion (for), purpose, potential, principles and power of the Almighty and releasing them to subdue and dominate the earth now – and possess Heaven at the end.”
This is the guiding mantra of the Dr. Paul Enenche-led Dunamis International Gospel Centre, headquartered in Abuja but with branches spread across the country and beyond its shores.
Established on November 10, 1996, the church had its inaugural Sunday service at the Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture (First Floor) Area 10. After two weeks, the church moved to Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, where worship took place for another six months.The ministry, which took off from a humble beginning, has grown into a household name with several branches home and away.
The church relocated to her present site in June 1997, less than a year after the ministry was born.Currently, the church, with sitting capacity of 30,000 members, holds five fiery services every Sunday and two over-flooded services every Wednesday evening, among other services.
Everywhere you turn in Nigeria, the ministry is either constructing new structures or expanding its present auditorium.
That gives you the idea this is no ordinary ministry. That in turn fills you with a burning desire to know more about this ministry.
From theatre to the altar
The word Dunamis in Latin means Power. And Power, is an alteration of Latin posse ‘- be able’. With this, one can conclude that the Dunamis ministry operates under the auspices of POWER and POSSIBILITIES.
Endowed with the double-edged gift of scientific knowledge as a medical doctor and God’s anointing for healing, Dr. Enenche’s ministration is characterised by the deliverance of multitudes from every manner of sickness and oppression.
That again makes anyone ask the big question: From whence cometh this man?
The answer is yet another story of uncommon faith, faith as of old, the kind of faith that drove the Biblical patriarchs and prophets to hearken to the voice of God.
An excerpt from the church’s website says:
In the Month of May, 1996 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Dr Paul was at a crossroad as to what next to do with his life. He had several attractive choices:
To relocate to a prestigious University in London with his beautiful wife, who is also a Medical Doctor, to work and simultaneously advance their Medical Profession
To take two other attractive Medical appointments within the country
Or to keep their jobs in the two different hospitals where he and his wife worked, of which they were each given 3 bedroom flats in the hospitals’ staff quarters.
Six months after the call in May, Dr Paul Enenche and his ever submissive and highly supportive wife, Becky, left their jobs, relatives, medical careers and every other plan they had made for their lives and moved to Abuja, a place where they knew nobody. Like the Biblical Abraham, obeying the Lord was paramount to them, and so, they proceeded despite external discouragements, to commence the instruction given to them.
Pastor Paul Enenche and Wife
The Bishop Oyedepo’s connection
In the Bible, all great prophets were confirmed or commissioned by a father figure. The most easily referenced example being Elijah and Elisha. Or Samuel to David. Dr. Paul Enenche in one of his sermons quoted Archbishop Benson Idahosa of the blessed memory as saying that “If an antelope have the backing of the lion it can confront an elephant.” He said, people sometimes wonder at the audacity with which they speak. He said it is because they have the backing of a lion –Bishop Oyedepo.
At the recently held Kingdom Power and Glory Conference, Dr. Enenche confirmed that he first heard about Bishop Oyedepo in an audiotape entitled Unleashing the Secret of the Supernatural Realms. Before he met him one-on-one, Oyedepo usually appeared to him in his nightly dreams, anointing him with oil.
“That was when I discovered that he is my father. I pursued and held tenaciously for getting closed to 20 years asserting that every devil can confirm that the genetic and the chromosome of my father (Oyedepo) is in me,” Dr. Enenche once averred.
The fire-spitting apostle also revealed that before the Dunamis auditorium was erected, Bishop Oyedepo ordered him not to start the project until he brings the building plan before him. “I said yes sir. I took the plan to him, he laid hand on it. He said, knock off this wall, knock of that wall to gain more space. Go and build. He came and commanded the building to grow, and it grew in a very short time.”
“Without a father, you have no feather,” he avowed, “without a father you have no future and without a father, you have no father.”
Oyedepo during the programme also acknowledged the mighty hand of God on the life of his ‘son in the Gospel,’ saying, “I am blessed to see the things I am seeing tonight.” He prophesied that the best was yet to come.
The giant strides
Today, the ministry has become international. With worshippers running into millions, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, according to researchers worth over N50 billion.
The church also makes great impact with Seed of Destiny, the monthly daily devotional publication designed to boost the Christian faith. The Dunamis Kitchen, a restaurant owned by the ministry that parades both local and foreign cuisines, also bring in some money for the church, just as the Dunamis Bookshop where most of the book written by the senior pastors are sold and also where motivational books by foreign and Nigerian authors could be procured, act as the church’s other source of fund.
Similarly, the church also run a Primary School within its premises managed by Dr Becky Enenche.
Among these numerous achievements, Dr. Enenche, however is of the school of thought that his aim is to make sure he sees all Dunamites at the feet of Jesus on the last day, the more reason he makes altar call a daily ritual in the ministry.
Propagating the Word
Dunamis International Gospel Centre breaks the boundary of a regular christian ministry. A look at the church’s portfolio will convey clearly that the ministry is devoted to growing the Church of Christ is as many ways as possible.
In more ways than one the church is catering to the spiritual growth of Christians world wide. The Dunamis School Of Ministry (DUSOM) is one of the ways by which the Pastor Enenche-led ministry is fortifying the frontier of Christianity. The school whose overriding objective is raising of end-time fire-brand men and women for the end-time harvest, runs full-time and part-time courses in two semesters every year.
Recently, the outspoken preacher joined the league of churches that have their own satellite television stations in Nigeria with the establishment of the The Dunamis TV/Radio. The primary purpose of the media is to evangelize the world for Christ, as his messages feature prominently in the satellite station with viewer of over three million.

The following programmes are aired on the TV channels.
Daily Seeds of Destiny •Destiny Encounter• Hymns• Sunday Service rebroadcasts •Bishop David Oyedepo •Pastor E. A Adeboye •Arch Bishop Idahosa •Creflo Dollar• Kenneth Hagin •Kenneth Copeland.
It also has a 24 hours online radio station where most of his messages are aired.
Destiny Publications takes care of his books.
If anything, the Dunamis ministry appears to be a church that bears in mind the need for the individual and the church to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.
Bishop Oyedepo recently broke the sod of the ministry’s new place called the Lord’s Garden located along Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road, Abuja. Construction is currently ongoing at the multi-million naira project where the ministry will relocate to in no distant time.
Earlier in February, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, visited the church. The No 1 Citizen not only commended the ministry for its tireless efforts in the society but also personally commended Dr. Enenche and his wife, Becky for what they are doing in the country.
His words: “Let me sincerely appreciate Dr. Paul Enenche and Mrs. Enenche for what they have been doing for us, being young man and lady well trained in the scientific way of doing things.
“But scientific way of healing does not give you total healing. If you go for a major treatment in any hospital, they may tell you to come every three months or six months for check ups, that means it is not total.
“It is only spiritual healing that is total. We thank you for what you have been doing,” said the President.

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