Biography: Theophilus Sunday (Early life and career)

Theophilus Sunday

Theophilus Sunday is a Nigerian Gospel Music Minister who is popularly known for singing chant songs. He hails from Dekina, Kogi State in Nigeria.

Early Life/Education
Min. Theophilus was born on  9th May 1987. He studied Theatre Arts at Kogi State University from the year  2007-2011.

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Min. Theophilus Sunday is known for setting youths on fire for God and connecting them back to father through a music genre(chant)  that similar to that of Evang. Lawrence Oyor. Min. Theophilus Sunday has been invited to Major programmes and and Crusades across Nigeria.
Some of  his favorite quotes are “If the Spirit does not give you utterance, can you be quiet even on Stage”, “if the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus from the dead lives inside of us why then do we tell lies and fornicate?”, “it is dangerous to be a prayer without an alter”, “if you know the value of what you are waiting for, how long  it takes and how  long  you wait wont matter”.


  • Holy fire
  • Odu Jesus
  • Olishoke
  • Take it away
  • Secret place
  • My desire
  • Hosanna
  • Who is like you Lord
  • Spirit keep me hungry
  • Worship Tradition
  • Yahweh
  • Agaba Idu


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