Music: Rapid Raphael – Eminent

Christian hip hop artiste ‘Rapid Raphael’ releases his debut song titled ‘Eminent’.

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Hommie am Great and am eminent

You know am greater than eminem

One with God is unstoppable

Me and him we aint equivalent 


Verse  1

I Thank God for my Daily bread and for his blessings upon my head

Zero zero zero like a time bomb cuz i follow the shepherd and we the herd 

Never lost am always led,never hungry am always fed

God the father yea the God head,All is in order from A-Z

I do this for a living i do this as long as am living

I do this no ceasing,i do this in every season

I mean everything i aint kidding, I’m a young boy and i just keep dreaming

 Everyday am winning,winning,winning yeah just like biden

I do this for the master,spitting it faster,am not a pastor

My Alabaster,just like mary,through my music,stopping disasters

Im the answer ,i cure Cancer,follow the ladder,the jesus factor

Im the Rap therapist ,serious matters,just getting started,never retarded

Tryna write chapters of my life then i  start it a verse

Every Single Second right,Am not the second, am the first

Right from the beginning,you know am winning, victory side am the best

Sipping & dripping the living water,  whenever you drink it,you’ll never  thirst


On your mark lets go,I still gat my soul

 This just how i playing my role

i know  the  devil isa foe.then i score my goals

Blessed from head to toe,blessed from crown to sole

God calls me his baby,and I  know its crazy

Set up and post,use to be lazy

,i know God loves the slim and the shady,only problems there heading to hades

I use to heavy now am light,Blessing be dropping like manner its daily

Use to be dark now am light,I’m alright ,i’ve won already

I gat jesus i gat cars i gat million dollar bars

When you see me am on top,I  gat jesus am a star

When you see me am on top,i gat jesus am a star

So im shining everywhere,illuminating am a star

No big deal am am like that,am not plain am so fly

Wanna see me just look up, then you’ll see me in the sky

I dont take spirit,i dont do cigarrettes,holy spirit keeps me high

Telling me this ,telling me that homie am good homie am what


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