Biography: Apostle Gideon Odoma


Apostle Gideon Odoma is an Itinerant Speaker, Christian Apologist and Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working with the religion institutions industry. He speaks regularly on University Campus and Covers range of topics including Doctrines, Christian Exclusivity and Religous Diversity, the moral argument for God’s existence, Science and Reliigion, and more.

Apostle Gideon is a native of Ugwolawo of Ofu Local Government Area in Kogi State, Nigeria.

He speaks regularly on university campus missions and has also been part of RZIM missions. He is also the set man of Fortress Ministry which headquarters is based in Jos, Plateau State. He is the convener of the monthly Program “Word Count”

He shares an inseperable Enternal bond with Apostle Arome Osayi.

Talking about Apostle Gideon Odoma won’t be complete without mentionin Pastor Ameh Amana who God used to help his servant grow in the Lord and a host of many others like Evangelist Sunday Ogwuche, Brother Gbile Akanni, Apostle Emmanuel Ibrahim.

This is a man that truely loves Jesus.

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