Seductions of the Spirit by Kings Chidi


Written by Kings Chidi

Quickly today, I want to emphasize on something I heard from one of the messages of Apostle Michael Orokpo.

He said something very striking:

“When the Spirit wants to help a man, He begins to seduce him. He uses encounters, dreams, hunger, fastings, flames etc to seduce the man”

Now listen…

It is possible that you are having series of encounters.

It is possible that there is a way your dreams has been going for some time now.

It is possible that you do experience flames intermittently on your palm, or legs or hands or any part of your body.

It is possible that sometimes you do have an undying hunger and passion for prayer and fasting and the Word.

It is possible that you do experience some strange supernatural elements.

To some others…

It is possible that you did experience all these things in the past, but currently you no longer experience them.

Now, what was happening to you then was the Holy Spirit drawing you.

There was something big He has for you. He can’t just throw it out to you just like that. Lest you take it for granted. So He will use all those things listed above to seduce you so that you can come up hither to the full experience of what He initially package for you.

Some of you,

You are yet to know your ordination and calling. Yet, the Spirit has been wooing and seducing you through various means so that you can come into experience what your calling and ordination is.

There are higher dimensions the Spirit wants to bring you into, but won’t come that cheaply. So, He will have to seduce you through those various means.

Now, the thing is this

How you respond to those dealings is the determinant connector to the full package.

The message is this:

Are you currently experiencing any of the above seductions? If yes, don’t waste it. Respond to it accordingly.

Don’t waste your encounters and dreams. Don’t waste your hunger. Don’t waste your passion. Do something about it.

What should you do?

Engage in consistent prayers until what the Spirit wants to engage you with completely opens up.


If you refuse to respond very well, those seductions will fade away with time.

Now, look into yourself and find out what is happening in your life. What is that thing the Spirit is using to draw you?

Please, don’t waste it. I take God beg you, don’t waste it.

I love you.

God bless you.

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